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Unlock sustainable resolutions with Resolution Matter’s expert mediation and coaching services. Our seasoned professionals guide you through the collaborative dispute process, ensuring fairness and equity every step of the way.

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Collaborative/Multiparty Energy and Environmental Decision-making

Collaborative Decision-making models for companies, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, who are working with energy development, environmental impacts, and multiparty disputes.

Leadership Transformational Coaching

Leadership coaching services for negotiation teams and corporate entities engaged in collaborative and multiparty cases. Transformational coaching provides skills and increases capacity for optimizing outcomes and success in the process.

Collaborative Law Supporting Families in Dispute

Specializing in collaborative law and mediation for families seeking to avoid litigation, while maintaining relationships.

About Us

Mediator, Arbitrator & Leadership Coach: Energy, Telecommunications & Commercial Matter

I am an established mediator, arbitrator, leadership coach, and educator with 30+ years of success providing energy and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to major energy companies and government agencies, including Shell North America, State of Maryland, Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During my career, I have led the implementation of ADR programs across the Federal Sector, oversaw hundreds of high-profile electricity, employment, and family business disputes, other family related matters and serve as family mediator, also served as an appointed mediator and arbitrator for the DOJ’s Special Master’s Office, September 11, 2001 Fund representing FDNY and NYPD claimants.

As a trusted advisor, go-to resource, and college professor with expertise in ADR, negotiations, ethics and confidentiality, and mediation, I have delivered intense training to federal and utility employees and taught rigorous coursework at the National Law Center, George Washington University, and The Catholic University School of Law. Additionally, I have received numerous appointments as arbitrator and mediator panelist for the International Center for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the North American Reliability Organization, Regional Transmission and Independent System Organizations, and Maryland State Courts.


Founder & President

Established and leads a dispute resolution and mediation firm serving government entities, energy companies, regulators, regional transmission and independent system operators, project developers, financing entities, off-takers, and municipal governments. Receives the North American Reliability Organization, Regional Transmission and Independent System Organizations, and Maryland State Courts. Serves as an ADR neutral, mediator, arbitrator for large complex commercial contract disputes with party clients, including Shell of North America, State of California, Navajo Tribal Utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, BP Trading, and BP Wind. Resolution Matters also provides mediation and collaborative law services around domestic relations. I am committed to our individual and collective human development identifying the barriers in the way of overall success.

Voices of Resolution

Hear the stories of transformation from those who have found harmony through our guidance.

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Why Choose Us

Why Trust Resolution Matters?

Unlock the difference with Resolution Matters. Our decades of experience and unwavering commitment to fairness, collaboration, and understanding ensure that your journey to resolution is guided with expertise and empathy. Trust in our proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions and leaving a positive impact on every client we serve.


Navigate the corporate landscape with confidence, backed by 30+ years of specialized industry mastery and a track record of success.


Experience our dedication to corporate clients as we prioritize your needs and work tirelessly to achieve fair and impartial resolutions.


Experience guidance infused with genuine care and understanding, ensuring your family's journey is supported with empathy and compassion.

Coaching Transformation

Witness real change as we empower you through coaching to find sustainable resolutions and achieve positive personal and professional outcomes.


Clients We Have Worked With

What we offer

Bespoke Solutions for Every Situation

Uncover a spectrum of services meticulously designed to cater to your distinct circumstances and requirements.


Corporate Mediation

Specialized mediation services for businesses, providing expert guidance to resolve conflicts amicably. Our approach promotes mutual understanding and agreement by facilitating constructive dialogue and negotiation sessions.


Professional Coaching

Customized coaching services for professionals, designed to enhance personal growth and career advancement. Our approach empowers individuals to overcome challenges, excel in their roles, and achieve their goals for success.


Family Mediation

Personalized mediation services for families, offering compassionate support to navigate and resolve family disputes. Our approach ensures clear communication and understanding, leading to amicable solutions that respect the interests of all parties involved.

We Collaborate, Coach and Resolve Conflict
Beliefs from the Coaching Side of the Practice

Ready to Resolve?

Take the first step towards harmony. Schedule a consultation today and let us guide you through your journey to resolution.


Resolution Approach

Crafting Solutions with Methodical Expertise

Step 1

Discover and then organize the facts around its impacts on all parties individually and combined.

Step 2

Encourage open communication and collaboration among involved parties to explore potential solutions.

Step 3

Implement tailored strategies to reach a sustainable resolution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.


Frequently Ask Questions

Find solutions to common questions about our services, process, and more in our FAQ section.

We specialize in a wide range of conflicts, including family matters, business disputes, eldercare issues, and more.

Our approach emphasizes collaboration, communication, and tailored strategies to achieve sustainable solutions.

Our mediation services are distinguished by our extensive experience, commitment to fairness, and dedication to client satisfaction.

Yes, we provide complimentary consultations to discuss your needs, assess your situation, and explore potential solutions.

The duration of the mediation process varies depending on the complexity of the dispute, but we strive to achieve timely resolutions.

Yes, we offer remote mediation services to accommodate clients’ needs and ensure accessibility and convenience.

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