“We resolve your dispute in the most comprehensive, transformative and least costly way”


Divorce Mediation

Mediation offers family members in dispute a practical and proven way to resolve conflict in a sensible, thoughtful and meaningful way. Mediation is a process that values maintaining and restoring relationships in the family system. Mediation is significantly less costly then litigation, economically and emotionally. Mediation is dignified not derogatory. Mediation provides honor to the participants not shame. And mediation offers the opportunity for smart solutions that a court of law cannot come to in a litigated situation.
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Divorce Litigation & Collaborative Law

Mr. Shapiro and his team at Resolution Matters provides legal services as part of the Collaborative Process. This is an out-of-court conflict resolution process in which the participants focus their efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. It is a team-based approach, that significantly changes the dynamic between clients and engages them outside of the courtroom in an open, supportive, lower-conflict process to find shared solutions.
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Eldercare Mediation

Mr. Shapiro and his team at Resolution Matters works with seniors and their adult children resolve conflicts regarding:

  • Care-giving
  • Living Arrangements
  • Financial planning
  • Medical decisions
  • Communication
  • Driving
  • Guardianship
  • Issues of Independence
  • Short vs. Long Term Care Concerns
  • Issues of Grief and Loss

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Family Business Disputes

Mr. Shapiro works in high stakes family business disputes. This work includes:

  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Selling the Family Business
  • Divorce and the Family Business
  • Closely Held Businesses and Partnership Dispute Resolution

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During a divorce there is nothing more emotionally challenging and complex then resolving issues concerning child custody and parenting time. Frequently, divorcing parties submit their issues of custody and parenting time to the courts for resolution. Maryland and the District of Columbia allow parents the additional option of resolving their custody and parenting time issues through arbitration.
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Other Services

Steve Shapiro and Resolution Matters provide mediation, facilitation and organizational development services. Steve has mediated hundreds of employment disputes while working through the US Postal Service Re-dress program and the Federal Government Shared Neutral program.

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