Helping businesses solve issues through mediation, arbitration and other alternative problem-solving processes.
  • Core Services

    • Energy Dispute Resolution
    • Commercial Mediation
    • Arbitration

    Additional Services

    • Dispute Review Boards
    • Facilitation, Team Building, and Group Problem Solving
    • Public Policy Negotiation
    • Partnering

Public Policy Negotiation

Collaborative decision making complements, and does not replace, existing legal and enforcement frameworks and public policy processes. In appropriate circumstances it provides an opportunity for key stakeholders to develop policy options that satisfy many key interests. The specific outcome or goal of a collaborative problem solving process can be tailored to satisfy legal requirements or formal decision making processes. The options or potential solutions developed through a collaborative process often have a better chance of broad, lasting acceptance than solutions developed using other approaches. Resolution Matters has worked closely with federal, state, and local agencies, large and small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals to recognize and constructively pursue opportunities for collaboration, and also to choose another approach when circumstances dictate.

Resolution Matters’s professional staff is highly skilled in all aspects of effective collaborative decision making –from conducting situation assessments, to facilitating problem solving dialogues and meetings, to mediating the settlement of disputes, and more.

Mr. Shapiro is affiliated with the Non Profit the Partnership for Collaborative Governance – that perform work in the nuclear waste and renewable energy multiple party stakeholder space.