Helping businesses solve issues through mediation, arbitration and other alternative problem-solving processes.
  • Core Services

    • Energy Dispute Resolution
    • Commercial Mediation
    • Arbitration

    Additional Services

    • Dispute Review Boards
    • Facilitation, Team Building, and Group Problem Solving
    • Public Policy Negotiation
    • Partnering

Facilitation, Teambuilding and Group Problem-Solving

Steve Shapiro and Resolution Matters work with clients to plan, convene, and facilitate meetings to address organizational challenges and opportunities. This work often is completed around identified opportunities for new or modified organizational structures to emerge. This activity may or may not require a specific organizational or structural problem to exist. Steve Shapiro also specializes in the design, implementation, and evaluation of organizational systems which may include implementing an employment mediation program and/or establishing an Ombudsman office

Steve Shapiro has worked with public, private and non-profit organizations of all sizes to develop responsive and efficient ways of strategic and long-range planning, team building, forming collaborative team based solutions and resolving organizational disputes.

Steve Shapiro under contract as the State of Maryland’s Public Policy Mediator and Facilitator has assisted the Hispanic Business Conference in Maryland to organize themselves better around issues of governance; and organized and led a collaborative effort involving 5 major hospital centers and 10 community health organizations to form a single entity and position itself for grant funding under the State’s equivalence of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, Mr. Shapiro facilitated land use agreements among multiple Primary Responsible Parties located in Front Royal, Virginia under an EPA contract; and also facilitated a three stage program working with Region 1 of the EPA in an education and vision/planning program for the clean-up of the Housatonic River in Lenox, Massachusetts.