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    • Dispute Review Boards
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Dispute Review Boards

Steve Shapiro provides neutral services to Dispute Review Boards (DRB) in the construction industry with an aim at assisting construction project managers predict and handle potential problems before they occur. The Board will provide advisory opinions on questionable or disputed matters, and provide an alternate dispute resolution process to settle any disputes that cannot be settled between the parties to the construction contract. DRBs are currently used all around the world in the construction of energy projects, roads, railroads, tunnels, dams, bridges and other major construction projects. It is only in recent years that the DRB has been used in the construction of large commercial buildings such as manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, hotels, etc. If the DRB is empowered with the ability to render final and binding decisions upon the parties to the construction project, the project is virtually guaranteed to continue with a minimum amount of lost time and money that would normally be encountered when arbitration or litigation is required to settle disputes. Resolution Matters, Inc. recommends the DRB having the authority to make final and binding decisions and can assist the parties in drafting the appropriate contractual language.

Mr. Shapiro has been trained and certified by Construction Dispute Resolution Services as a Dispute Review Board Professional. He often is a speaker at DRB Conferences on the intersection of energy projects and dispute review boards.