Helping businesses solve issues through mediation, arbitration and other alternative problem-solving processes.
  • Core Services

    • Energy Dispute Resolution
    • Commercial Mediation
    • Arbitration

    Additional Services

    • Dispute Review Boards
    • Facilitation, Team Building, and Group Problem Solving
    • Public Policy Negotiation
    • Partnering

Community Outreach and Strategic Conflict Management

Resolution Matters helps organizations and communities develop the skills, processes, and leadership necessary to support a shift from an adversarial relationship to cooperation that balances infrastructure development with environmental stewardship and safety.

Steve Shapiro has provided community outreach and facilitation services to the Environmental Protection Agency in Western Massachusetts that focused on the second stage of a Super Fund Clean Up. This effort involved bringing hundreds of environmental NGO’s and representatives from industry/the Chambers of Commerce together for a Charette or a collaborative effort to envision what a clean up program will look like.